10 Signs That May Confirm You Suffer From Soul Exhaustion

“Sleep doesn’t help if it’s your soul that’s tired.” – Unknown

The world population is sadly drowned in exhaustion and it’s not getting any better. Employees are getting frustrated because of the huge workloads and short deadlines. Therefore, most people have resorted to giving more to their jobs forcing them to neglect their personal lives.

 We are busier with each passing year. Getting home late from work and sleeping at the wee hours as we try to catch up with the rest of the world using our gadgets.

This is a different world compared to a decade ago. We have a lot to worry about in terms of safety, politics, the state of the planet (global warming), and world economy. Increased stress levels among people have resulted in an increase in lifestyle diseases as people try to meet the expectations set by society

At times being alive can feel like a burden. The world demands a lot from us and it never stops even when we are tired. A good night sleep might help the brain recover from a long day but no one ever thinks about soul exhaustion. Meditation and exercise help us take our minds off the stress and demands of daily life but these factors continue to take a toll on our souls.

Signs of “soul exhaustion” might be when you find yourself feeling restless after waking up in the morning without a good reason. This article covers what it entails and how to read the signs of a tired soul.

10 tell-tale signs of soul exhaustion.

1.       You don’t feel rested when you wake up.

Feeling tired after waking up as stated above, could be pointing to something more than a busy night of tossing and turning.  Due to the number of stressors, you’ll inevitably face, you might feel like you don’t want to face the day resulting in feelings of lethargy and exhaustion even after a good night’s sleep.

The soul cannot be recovered by sleep. Most individuals with soul exhaustion might find it difficult to sleep because they stay up on the bed thinking a lot. You might be having soul exhaustion if you feel fatigued every time you wake up

2.       You constantly daydream about living a different life.

If you have soul exhaustion you feel like you have woken to your life’s false reality. Daydreaming about escaping the worlds daily stress, or, dreaming about living in a different place that is more peaceful and quiet. These imaginations are used often by people with soul exhaustion because the dreams give them solace as they face their real daily struggles.

Creative people use this behavior to their advantage by creating pieces of art. A good positive outlet might be turning your pain into passion since it offers a great way of letting out your emotions.

3.       Your body aches often.

If you have soul exhaustion, your emotional pain may manifest physically; back pains, headaches, joint problems. if you have been experiencing such pains, pay attention to your emotions because they may point to something deeper.

4.       You feel disconnected from life.

Another red flag of soul exhaustion is when you feel like an alien in your own body and you don’t feel connected to anyone including yourself. Not having interest in life and doing things for the sake of it may point out to soul exhaustion. Pay attention to feelings like struggling to maintain a friendship or a relationship, spending most days alone, not feeling others anymore, or struggling to find what to say in a conversation because you are feeling unengaged. Your deepest emotions might be unlocked by these.

5.       You have intense emotions.

Soul exhaustion may also be manifested through intense emotions that one doesn’t have a clue on how to express them. You may be angry for no reason or find yourself crying even when nothing is amiss.

Your acute awareness of the world may be causing these raging emotions. You became weary of the horrors that exist in the world, thus inducing varied emotions that one may find it challenging to control. Look through your soul and see what you can find inside; it will have the answers you have been seeking.

6.       People with soul exhaustion suffer from loneliness.

The feeling of loneliness even in a crowd as discussed before is always common with people having soul exhaustion. Because you cannot relate with shallow topics that others many seem infatuated with, you feel disassociated with them and yourself. No one understands your state and your soul is deeply hurt. You might feel lonely because you see things differently from others. While you keep wondering how the world will be kinder and more hospitable others are more concerned with buying the latest phone and gadget or gossiping about their workmates.

7.       You might suffer from anxiety, depression or other mental illnesses.

Because the soul houses our deepest emotions, disconnection between your soul and body may make you suffer from mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. Unfortunately, a common sign of depression is fatigue, a study on patients with major depressive disorder showed that 90% suffered from fatigue even though 80% were taking antidepressants. It is physical, emotional, and mental fatigue from trying to meet demands that the soul has no energy for.

8.       You dread going to work every day.

People with soul exhaustion dread waking up in the morning daily. when the sun comes up it also means bills have to been taken care of. If you absolutely loathe going to work, you might be having soul exhaustion despite the fact that most people don’t enjoy their jobs. Burn out may be what you are experiencing and this is a common condition in today’s world.

The American Psychological Association says that due to chronic stress 77% of people in the U.S experience physical symptoms and 73% experience psychological symptoms. It is not surprising that people are increasingly suffering from burnout in a world where the largest stressor is work.

9.       It feels like you’re on autopilot all the time.

You might need some soul rejuvenating in your life if you keep going through strong emotions and counting days till the weekend. If you are just checking out tasks until you make it to your couch and relax, soul exhaustion might be the accurate diagnosis for you.

You might want to do some soul searching if no task makes you happy, as much as nobody likes doing tasks all day you should find joy in doing one or two.

10.   You don’t feel joy doing activities that used to make you happy.

Your soul may be crying out for attention if hobbies don’t seem fun anymore. Enjoying your self will be very hard if your soul is truly exhausted. For example, having zero interest in karaoke when you used to enjoy it, other matters that drain your energy might be occupying you. Your job, bills, state of the world may be worrying you.

Consider seeing a licensed professional if this affects you often because it is a symptom of depression.

Final thought on suffering from soul exhaustion

Life requires a lot from us humans and soul exhaustion can happen to anyone at any time. Make sure you feed your soul if you experience five or more symptoms in this list. Your happiness and well-being cannot wait but the world can. Make yourself a priority because your inner peace is worth it.

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