5 Things To Avoid During A Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening has different meanings to everyone but to those who don’t understand the concept; it simply involves believing in more than just yourself. For some, it’s as simple as trusting one’s gut while for others it’s as complex as complex and deep as starting to look past the physical boundaries of reality. They start to focus and try to connect with a higher being, self.

A spiritual awakening can help one lead a calm life full of higher understanding of themselves even in this crazy world. For many, a life without faith as a centerpiece is unimaginable.

However, while seeking enlightenment and a greater understanding, it’s possible for one to get lost along the way. As of any journey, this is very normal but it’s advisable to avoid straying away from the following things that will only hinder you from achieving your goal.

5 things to avoid during a spiritual awakening

1.       Staying stuck in the past or future

One common trait of spirituality is being fully aware of the present moment; this could be impossible to achieve if we remain trapped in the past or future. If we focus too much on our past or in times that are not here yet, we will create a state of imbalance in our inner peace. Gaining inner peace means letting go of every past occurrence and embracing the present.

While in your spiritual journey, try to forget the moments past and lose yourself in the moment. Spirituality lies in going with the flow.

2.       Being too hard on yourself

While on this journey, it is common to find yourself self-conscious of your own thoughts and actions so much that at some instances you judge yourself. While self-consciousness plays a vital role in spirituality, we have to learn to be mindful observers of ourselves, lest we judge ourselves too harshly.

We live in a highly judgmental world and passing judgment on ourselves will only act as another obstacle in our spiritual journey. Your spiritual journey should be about unconditionally loving yourself, irrespective of your imperfections or how others say about you. This journey is not about realizing the preconceived ideas of who you should be, but accepting yourself as you are.

3.       Feeling guilty about how you live your life

When your path leads you into a deeper spiritual awakening, it is likely that our ideals and morals will start to change. Thus it is possible for you to start brushing shoulders with certain people in your life who are us dot the old you and find it difficult to ascribe to your newly adopted lifestyle.

This is normal as everyone finds what makes them happy. However, don’t feel the urge to change your life because it doesn’t go well with those around you. If this makes your heart happy, follow it through regardless of what others may think.

4.       Comparing yourself with others

It is unwise to compare your life to others’, it can only lead to two things; an inflated self-ego or being disappointed in yourself-either of which will not benefit your life in any way.

Your spiritual journey is personal and unique to one person-you. Therefore, its irrational to compare your life to some else’s as everyone moves at their own pace.

5.       Not allowing yourself to feel emotions

There is a common belief that we should let our emotions take control of us while leading the spiritual path instead of being watchful observers of our deepest thoughts and feelings. However, you should close in your emotions since it will only be a matter of time before you let go. As with emotions, they only get stronger the longer you bottle them up inside.

Feel free to say what it’s in your mind and feel what you need to feel, no apologies and certainly no regrets. In order to feel alive, we must learn to face our emotions and deal with what we feel in the present.

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