7 Behaviors Of A Guy Who Is Secretly Attracted To You

Most men are sloppy at communicating their feelings verbally. When those feelings come rolling in, most of them try to cover up their tracks even though it’s always almost clear that they are dead attracted to a woman. They behave awkwardly when they are with the girl they like.

Truth is, we can’t blame them entirely since guys are more comfortable showing their true feelings through actions, not words. So if you pay close attention to these cues, you might realize someone who has a secret crush on you.

7 behaviors of someone who is secretly attracted to you

1.       He’ll gaze at you and make eye contact

Making eye contact is one way a man shows that he is interested in a woman. This behavioral trait is coded within our DNA and has been used by humans since the time of cavemen.

According to researchers from the University of Sterling, making eye contact helps people remember you long after even a brief encounter. Therefore, every time a man is attracted to a woman, he’ll try to hold her gaze in an attempt to make that deep connection.

Coupled with an enchanting smile, a woman may be coaxed to stare at the gaze’s direction and respond in a positive manner.

Experts have also proved that men develop intense love feelings for women they’ve been staring continuously for at least 10 minutes. Well, it seems like love, at first sight, wasn’t made up after all.

2.       He’ll find excuses to touch you

Not in a creepy way; a person who is intensely attracted to you will find a way to touch you. It might be a playful tap on the knee or a simple handshake. He won’t mind the setting as all his mind is focused on you.

He gets excited when he sees you and may enthusiastically embrace you or give a handshake if he’s shy. Some may even be bold enough to tuck your hair in your ear.

A good guy will however, consider your comfort threshold and not go beyond what may make you uncomfortable.

According to a study published in the journal Emotion, touch can be a reliable way of conveying feelings of love and trust. 78 percent of times, a man’s touch is enough to covey feelings of attractions more than words could express.

3.       He’ll kick, bite or touch his lips all while looking intently at your lips

Men will try to hide their feelings if they just met you for the first time because they don’t want a woman to see them as freaks. However, most times their body language gives them away.

One of the most erotic parts of the body is the lips; therefore, is a man licks his lips while speaking to you or constantly shifts his gaze to the lips then he madly likes you.

Sometimes though, shy guys touch their lips as a way to dispel their nervousness, especially when they are around a girl they like.

4.       He will mirror and mimic you, but in a nice non-creepy way.

A guy will mimic your movements, gesture or even how you take as a way of connecting with you. This is a fundamental way that humans were wired and experts call it the Mirror Neuron System.

While dating, a man may deliberately copy your movements to let you know that he’s genuinely attracted to you.  Scientists say that mimicking can produce positive feelings as per Psychology Today. However, a man may not only copy your bod gesture; for instance, if you prefer a particular brand or color of clothes, prefer a certain taste of music, or wears a certain item every time you meet, Chances are these will be his new favorite.

He might also begin using the same expressions you commonly use, or enunciate the words in your way. This is how he subconsciously wants to let you know that he’s into you.

5.       He will laugh at all your jokes.

If he laughs at all your jokes, then he’s so much into you that he can’t differentiate the good from the bad jokes. He wouldn’t mind laughing at our corny jokes because by then the oxytocin in his brain makes him insanely attracted to you.

He may even compliment you by saying how funny or goofy you are. According to Psychology today, majority of people find humor quite sexy. While dating, humor can make two people intensely attracted to each other and deepens their bond.

6.       He becomes protective of you

While walking on a busy street, does he sandwich himself between you and traffic? Or get you to the other side of the room in a crowded bar?

To you, these might look like friendly gesturers but what he’s really doing is flirting with you. By taking care of you, he hopes he can earn your trust and love too.

If he rushes in to protect you while you are in a fight or an argument with someone else, then he’s being protective of you.

But with everything, there is a respectable boundary. While it feels good to have someone watching your back, there is a clear line differentiating between a protective man and a possessive man. The former respects your space and the latter won’t observe any boundaries.

7.       He likes doing you favors

A man goes out of his way to do you favors even if you didn’t ask for one. Sometimes he’ll put you first and cancel his whole schedule just to be with you. He might be naturally generous, but for you, he puts extra effort.

The truth however, is that the man will go out of his way to do you a favor, not because he expects a simple thank you. He is genuinely attracted to you and hopes that in the long run you will start feeling the same way too.

 To sum it up, while it may be fun to spot someone who is secretly attracted to you, remember not to be too hung up on finding the signs. Attraction is fleeting, however, when you notice such feelings, try to enjoy the good moments while they last. This way, you might increase your odds of having a great relationship while still having fun.

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