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Homeless Man Finds $17000 Outside A Store, Turns It In To Help Many Others

Mostly when luck is down on someone, winning a bundle of money is their only thought. Kevin Booth, a homeless man in Tacoma, Washington harbored no such thoughts whatsoever. The homeless man with a golden heart found $17,000 in cash in front of a local food bank and decided to turn it in instead of rewarding himself.

Booth had stopped to have a meal one early august morning in a local food bank. Summer Food Bank, his preferred eatery had a tendency of leaving baked food outside when it closes.

Booth saw a brown paper bag outside the entrance and thought it had food. Looking inside he found a pile of $20 bills which was later determined to be $17,000 cash.

That amount of money would have improved Booth’s lifestyle dramatically, but he knew donating it to the food bank would serve more people. Anita Miller a volunteer who arrived to open up was stunned to find the Good Samaritan waiting.

“There are a lot of people who would have taken it,” Booth said. “I’m just not that person”.

A thorough investigation was done by Sumner Police Department of Washington on the security footage after Miller called them. They could not identify who dropped the package.

A waiting period of 90 days passed and no one claimed the money, the funds were given to the food bank. A portion of the donation in form of a gift card was given to Booth for his integrity.

Booth has turned down offers of shelter and continued to live in a tent in a nearby forest but he accepted Millers gift of winter clothes. GoFundMe Campaign has been started by a resident in Tacoma, the campaign will raise money to buy Booth a VW van he dreams of using as shelter.

Thanks to Booths honesty and other people donation thousands of people will continue to benefit from the saving resource. The food bank serves 1000 people including Booth every month.

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