Is It Psychosis Or Spiritual Awakening, Find Out The Truth About Mental Sickness

Are you suffering from psychosis or spiritual awakening? Many symptoms of mental health issues are similar to the condition that arise from spiritual awakening.

In the USA 20% of the youths between aged between 13-18 live with a diagnosed mental health condition. Doctors in the western world are claiming to have a better understanding and treatment of the mental conditions but the situation on the ground tell a contradicting story. What is causing this major rise? Is it our disconnection with the natural world? Is it the increasing pressure on children to adopt a certain way of being? Or is it something totally different?

There exists a different relationship to the spirit in the western world compared to other developing countries, who deal with mental issues differently and in a unique way. The treatment usually involves healers and shaman who go through a kind of spiritual sickness to be able to heal. Mental health problems are seen as a gift that should be nurtured, understood and worked through, but not medicated in modern terms and suppressed. Each mental disorder is looked at differently, symptoms like schizophrenia are seen as a connection to the spiritual realm.

This talk exploring the cultural difference between the west and developing countries in the world is from filmmaker Phil Borges. It is clear that whatever works out for them. Perhaps developed countries should adopt the same.

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