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New Study Revelas That Drinking More Coffee May Make You Live Longer

Does haunting the coffee machine too hard at work made you get names? Ever slept at work the day the coffee machine was out of order? And has the store guy ever looked at you because you were buying the third coffee jar that fortnight?

Well some of us have done all that and you know what? No regrets.

Coffee picks us up and helps us forget all the Joe’s every morning. some people get cranky the whole day if they don’t drown themselves in caffeine. Caffeine, that bitter alkaloid present naturally in coffee beans is what makes it such an invigorating drink.

It is cultural because you are able to tell an individual’s origin or ethnicity by buying them a great cup of coffee-(also called coffee date). Coffee also holds a record as one of the biggest cash crops in the world, wherever man has been he has surely taken his coffee.

Most of the world’s Joe is grown in large farms as big as cities in Central and South America, several big cooperation in the world depend on them.

According to research, this awesome social drink is a true lifesaver and it can also make you live longer. Therefore, the more you drink, the better.

The National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, and the Feinberg School of medicine at Northwestern University recently analyzed coffee-drinking data from the UK Biobank, in a long-term study of half a million people in the U.K. aged 38 to 74.

While many people may remain skeptical, moderate drinking of coffee is beneficial to your health, drinking more than usual quantities can make you even healthier.

A link was found between coffee drinking and decreased risk for diseases like cancer.

According to regular drinkers of coffee had

A 20% reduced risk of cancer.

A 20% reduced risk of Type 2 diabetes.

A 30% reduced risk of Parkinson’s disease.

A 5% reduced risk of heart disease.

How much coffee are we talking about? This Is the million-dollar question; many are begging to ask.

According to the study, 8 cups of coffee was used as an extreme reference value and still, this is too much coffee to drink in a day.

Just a warning: coffee should not be taken by expectant mothers, additives in processed coffee can cause health problems.

Despite coffee having many benefits, it can give you the creeps too. It causes insomnia which is not so good considering that insufficient sleep is a great contributor to developing lifestyle diseases. To get the maximum benefits of coffee, strive to drink a maximum of 4 cups of coffee per day.

Increased coffee drinking attributes to healthier lives when other peripheral factors come into play. more coffee alongside better healthcare is why the rich live longer.

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