Relationship Experts Prove That Being A Hopless Romantic Is One Of The Best Things

Novels and cinemas have often portrayed the hopeless romantics as a starry-eyed idealist, often too caught up in their strong feelings that they look like fools.

A study from the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships related to romanticism and its impact published by Goal cast showed, that individuals with higher expectations are more likely to view their partners as a perfect match.

Hopeless romantics are individuals who will never stop or settle for less in their search for “the one”. This is why being a hopeless romantic is probably the best thing that could happen to anyone.

  • People who fall in this category are positive and resilient.

They never give up despite the terrible pain that comes with a breakup. Unlike most people who fall to pieces when a love affair goes wrong and swear off relationships; romantics amazingly continue their search for love with much optimism as before the break up.

Fulfilling their basic need is the most important thing to them.

  • They are not superficial friends or overs.

They are always willing to “fight the good fight” and stand by your side as an understanding and helpful companion. Being problem solvers, you can rely on them when you need to talk, they listen to you and give good advice from a healthy and positive perspective.

  • Romantics are able to look past superficial distractions to find meaningful love.

For romantics meaningless flings, one-night stands and hookups are not in their agenda. They are honest about the type of person they want inside and out with a focus on character values and personality. Unlike many people who get wrapped on the image of the people they date, hopeless romantics wants so much more.

  • A romantic will make you a better person if you let them into your life.

Believing in the other person is a sign of true love. Hopeless romantics never give up and bring out the best in their partners. They are like no other partners, they see the potential in each other and support each other through life’s ups and downs.

  • Romantics are easy to please.

Romantics have high standards, yet they know what they want and are easy to please once you understand them. They don’t need money to be pleased. For them, little things mean a lot. Money and big love gestures do so little to win them over because they understand that true love cannot be bought, this makes pleasing them so easy.

  • Hopeless romantics are honest about their feelings.

Frustrations and emotional roller coasters is common with people who play games. Being taken for granted or manipulated is not something to worry about with a hopeless romantic, because they are honest about how they feel, this leaves you knowing where you stand with your romantic affair.

  • Hopeless romantics believe commitment is very romantic.

They are in for the long haul, believing in forever in a world where few people believe in, ’til death do us part. When they fall in love with you they want it to last. When they see an old couple walking hand in hand they see success and that is what they want.

Old-fashioned romantics believe in honor. They plan life with their lovers, they want to relax knowing that they are in a “forever” relationship.

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