Repeat These 15 Phrases To Find Inspiration When You Are Stuck In Life

Life is tough, but that’s just how it was meant to be. Sometimes, it hits you with bad things and you realize that there’s nothing you can do about it. Maybe it’s the loss of a loved one, a job or maybe suffered a bad break up. When faced with these situations, there is not much we can do about it and we start doubting ourselves.

Second guessing our abilities comes next as our self-esteem takes a nose dive and we feel totally worthless. For those days when life hits you so hard that you doubt yourself, these quotes and bits of inspirations will keep you going.

Read these quotes when you don’t believe in yourself;

1.       No one else determines my self-worth

“A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.” – David Brinkley

Depending on others opinions for validation will only make you a slave to them. If you let yourself get trampled all the time, you’ll eventually lack the strength to get yourself up in feet. There will always be people who’ll hate on you irrespective of whether you act nice on them or not.

2.       I am more than my failures

The world today has been immersed in materialism; putting a high priority on productivity and achievements in place of what really matters- character and morals. As a result, most people are left with low self-esteem as they are unable to keep up with the high standards placed by society.

When such thoughts start creeping up, always remember that what really matters is the kindness and compassion that offer to the world.

3.       I trust my heart to lead the way

What most people don’t know is that everyone has the power to choose what they want. In this regard, you are totally responsible for your own life and future. Therefore, don’t let others make for you the choices that only you should make for yourself.

4.       I release the past and embrace the future

To move on with your life involves letting go of the past and refraining from ruminating in the future. You can only live in the moment when you don’t allow the past ruin what you have now.

5.       I know am getting closer  to my goals

Majority of people throw in the towel just moments before their breakthrough. Have faith in yourself and don’t let people tell you that you can’t. You are the author of your own destiny.

6.       I compare myself to no one

Everyone has their own unique life story, just be yourself and don’t compare your life to other’s because you might end up killing your dreams and self-confidence. Stay at your lane and enjoy the ride at your own pace, life’s not a competition.

7.       I surrender my stress and fall into the flow

We all need a shoulder to cry on sometimes, don’t fight a losing battle when you could easily ask for help. Don’t let ego be your downfall.

8.       I am not trying to be perfect and accept myself wholly.

Perfection does not exist and searching for it is a futile attempt. Believe in yourself, see the beauty within you and watch the lingering dissatisfaction fade away.

9.       I will make it one step at a time

“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” Confucius.

Divide your overall goal into small achievable goals and take baby steps towards them. Remember to take some rest, after all, there’s so much you can do in a day.

10.   I trust myself

You are your own greatest source of strength. therefore, if you don’t believe in your own ability then you can’t get anywhere. Find your calling and follow it.

11.   I will keep looking up

All work and no play makes harry a sad boy. Sometimes we look at life so seriously that we forget it’s an experience, not a job. Lose the uptightness and remember to laugh after all the next minute will always be a mystery.

12.   I am grateful

Life becomes easier when you appreciate all things that happen-the good and bad. Remain thankful for everything that you have.

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