Science Has Proven That Being Grateful Significantly Increases Your Hapiness And Contentment In Life

Deep down the corners of our hearts, everyone desires to be happy. Funny thing about it is that it always finds us when we learn to be grateful for the tiny things in life. Research conducted by Mindfulness Awareness Research Center at UCLA found that gratefulness has a significant effect on the structural level of our brains. This change ensures your grey cells keep functioning optimally thereby keeping your happiness levels high.

Your central nervous system is also positively impacted when you are happy. As a result of feeling calmer you don’t reach for things explosively.

Studies were done at The University of California, by Davis, Robert A Emmons, and friends from University, of Miami, Mike McCullough where researchers discovered ways in which we can keep ourselves happy. Three groups participated in the study and each had to have three different journals: one for recording things they were thankful, one for recording anything bothering and another for recording neutral things.

In the study findings, the first group exercised more and was found to be significantly happier. Emmons heading the second group found that people who tried to be grateful made better partners and friends to others living around them.

A similar study dealing with people suffering from neuromuscular disease and post-polio syndrome was conducted. Researchers conducting the research urged patients to thank others around them and ensure their gratitude was evident. Despite the pain they experienced, by letting others around them know how grateful they were, the patients felt more at peace and happier.

Gratefulness for people and things around gives you a good night’s sleep and keeps you emotionally as well as mentally healthy according to findings from a similar study done in China.

Psychologists have observed that When people are not grateful, their chances of developing mental illness like depression and BPD goes higher.

Being thankful is easy, we have a lot to be thankful for in our daily lives. These steps will make you a happier and contented person.

At the end of the day have some time, sit down and list all things that make you want to just stop and thank the universe. Then read your list, this will remind you that you still have something to be grateful for even if things are not the way you want them to be.

Then call your best friend, boyfriend or girlfriend and tell them you are grateful for them. Then kiss your partner because they always have your back.

Lastly, check out yourself and no matters how small or big your achievements are, remind yourself about them.

With these, there is no doubt you’ll live a more fulfilling life.

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