25+ Times People Found Unique Treasures At The Most Random Places

A wise old saying says that sometimes what you are looking for happens to show up when you stop looking. Much like love, a person taking a casual stroll on the beach could have better luck of finding a soulmate than the guy who cast their net all day.

We have reason to believe that this theory quite relates to the people in the list below. These individuals found their unique treasures in random places they could never think of at very random times. For some reason, people sometimes take up a spade and dig up the oddest places and are met with an awesome find they didn't anticipate. 

Check out this list of amazing historical find that happened to people as they were going about their normal business.

#1 So My Friend Found A Message In A Bottle While Fishing

lijyg -Via

#2 Found This In The Woods While Trail Riding

Ed_Tivrusky_IV -Via

#3 While Walking On The Beach In Hawaii My Wife And I Found This Glass Ball That Had Become The Home Of Small Marine Ecosystem

Tio76 -Via

#4 My Friend Works In Recycling. He Found A Filled Diary From 1941

JordanToner -Via

#5 Thankfully My Dad Found Them Before He Started Mowing

commonenigma -Via

#6 A Little Patch Of Clover In A Bottle

erixashes -Via

#7 8 Year Old Girl Saga Found A Sword From The Iron Age In Lake Vidösten. Estimated To Be About 1500 Years Old, It Is The First Sword Of Its Kind To Ever Be Found In Scandinavia!

Andy Vanecek -Via

#8 I Found This Under The Floor Boards In A 1800's Era House

KleverKlem -Via

#9 This Blue Crayfish I Found In The Mountains Of West Virginia

AmishAirline -Via

#10 Found A Guinea Pig That Was Abandoned In The Woods While I Was Playing Disc Golf. She Has A New Home Now

Calebwcobb -Via