21 People Living In 3100 While We’re Stuck In 2019

Behold the knowledge of people that envisions us what year 3000 is going to look like. If people are doing it in 2019, can we call it something from the future? Does that make sense? But neither does putting a tent on a sandbox to make summer playtime enjoyable for your little one. In fact, these 21 people have done things the creative way, the easy way, the way that seems to make more sense and we are ashamed to say we are living in the future. Nobody goes around on a bus without plugin sockets anymore. And you definitely, do not Facetime your over because your garlic bread will burn.

And then, there are things that shouldn't be made more complicated than ever. They said being lazy is not good for productivity, but did you know that being lazy brings you to think hard about how to deal with things the quickest and simplest way. Being simple solve many things and shortens processes a lot. For example, people should bring scissors, or better, scissors should always be prepared as a necessary utensil for eating noodles. You will see why.

#1 How to not have back pain while working on your desktop.

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#2 Why people can't sleep on bus issue: solved.

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#3 Pretty sure that S.H.I.E.L.D is real.

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#4 Jarvis, reduced to the size of a trashcan, but still bear the important role of a customer service.

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#5 Parenting 101 in year 2800.

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#6 The peekaboo door.

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#7 If only manufacturers can get down to business like this Ali Express product.

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#8 Cheating level 999.

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#9 When you know you are just lazy as heck, but you just want to say you are creative.

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#10 How to stay cool at the beach during summertime.

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