Artist Depicts The Little Annoying Girl Issues Through Her Hilariously Funny Comics

Being a girl is the best, except when some problems seem to be specifically designed for us. While you can’t run from your problems it’s totally okay to at least make fun of them. That’s exactly what 31-year-old Anastasia Ivanova does. The Russian artist creatively depicts the annoying little things in her daily life through her incredibly amusing comics. Speaking of her comic work, she said, ‘the character is my alter ego. It’s a reflective girl who finds non-standard ways of solving her problems’ ‘I draw topics that bother me. Through comics, I express my attitude towards the world. I believe that self-irony is the best way to deal with my troubles’ she added.

Stushona has been drawing for 8 months now but she’s already gaining lots of fans with her incredibly fun comics. Her comics easily relate to a girls’ daily struggles.

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