10 Hilarious Texts From People Who Have Everything Under Control

Communication is part of our life whether we like or not. We are social creatures that always need other people to live happily, but for some people, communication can be a hard thing to master. Meeting people face to face is not always the preferred way for some people which is why exchanging electronic messages or texts on phone is more often done. But even with texts, things can go south quickly if you don't know how to handle the situation at hand.

It is definitely a good way to keep in touch with people who are not next to you. This makes it easy to go your separate ways, but still feel close with each other, not having to wait days to have your letters sent. However, these 10 exchanges show that you need to always be prepared even when you are only exchanging messages online. From a list of emoticons in your arsenal to use in the right moment, to the right questions you should ask your girl to make sure you give her what she wants without making her spilling it, check them all out.