My Best Friend's Wedding Cast Reunited After 22 Years, And Julia Roberts Looks Stunning

The cast is back again and it's really incredible to think that it's already been 22 years ago its debut. Cameron Diaz looks especially beautiful in the front cover as she wears pink layers of tulle for the wedding dress, Julia Roberts looks elegant in white, Rupert Everette and Dermot Mulroney look cool in their suits. The crew is starting to one of the most favorite summer films in 1996 which was directed by P.J. Hogan.

The squad is back for the photoshoot and this is the first one for Diaz after so long to have been featured in a 
'major magazine photo shoot'. Don't be surprised to know that actually, the film went through a lot of troubles during their first screening with a lot of the scenes having to change. On the screening test, the focus group decided that there should not be a good ending to Julianne because she is unforgivable. And that brings the movie to the ending that we all know today.

Also, you probably didn't know that Diaz was seriously scared in that famous karaoke scene! She kept shouting 'help me' glares to Dermont who kept telling her she can do it.

Entertainment Weekly's annual romantic comedy issue has made it possible for this funny people to once more be united.

Diaz's major role here shot up her popularity. The movie was directed by P.J. Hogan in 1996 in Chicago.

Cameron Diaz posed for her first major magazine photo shoot in years.

The gang's all here! Cameron shared a selfie of the group during the photo shoot, 22 years after their hit film debuted

Rupert Everett initially showed bad attitude regarding his role as Robert's faux fiancee, but that happened for a reason. When he got the script, there were only two lines in there but he managed and said 'it was a complete changing point for me.'

The cast united for a big photo shoot with rom-com theme.

The story tells of two people who made a pact to get married if they haven't found anyone when they are 28.

It has been decades since the movie's debut, but Cameron was glad that her fans were still there flooding her with praises of the movie. The film that opened in 1997 earned $21 million on that day and garnered domestic gross at $127 million.

Kimmy, Diaz's character, was suddenly asked to sing on stage, a terrifying experience that Diaz was directly related to.

Nicole Richie was 'obsessed' with the movie and her sister can't stop talking about the places where filming was done in Windy City.