15 Overheard Life Stories Charged With Optimism

  • When my husband and I go to bed after a fight, we turn away from each other. Once, our cat reconciled us. It lay down in the middle of the bed, and I decided to hug it. I turned, and my husband turned at the same time because he also wanted to hug the cat. We ended up hugging each other. The peace was back.

  • All my life I’ve lived with sticking-out ears. I managed to survive bullying at school and constant jokes in college. I even got married with such ears. My husband always liked them and often called me “Flappy,“ which pissed me off and cheered me up at the same time. And then eventually I had an operation! Now I am completely happy. I have a new life. My ears don’t stick out anymore, and they look superb. I thought that I would never hear anything regarding my ears from my husband again. And what do you think? Now he calls me ”Unflappy."

  • I was passing by an entranceway and saw a huge, 7-foot-tall man who was dialing a code on the house intercom. A menacing child’s voice came out of it: “Password.“ And the man answered, ”Smurfs."

  • My father really loves pranks. When I was a child, he once asked me, “Have you ever tried ant eggs?“ I said, ”No.“ The very next day, he bought 2 of them: small, white, and oblong. He fried them in the pan, put them on a plate, and brought them to me. I refused for a long time... Eventually, he ate one himself and made me eat the other. It was tasteless and crusty. When I grew up, I asked him, “Dad, what was it actually?” And he said, ”Relax, they were just grains of rice."

  • I just love the men who bring their kids to kindergarten. So severe and brutal, they carry pink bags, plush rabbits, and teddy bears. Today I saw a genuine motorhead with a long beard and a leather jacket. He was baby talking with his little daughter and even allowed her to put a daisy crown on his head.