Breathtaking Photos Capture Ballet’s Finest Dancing On The Streets Of New York City

While people would bring professional models to take pictures in the middle of New York city, Omar Z. Robles see a similar potential to be done with ballerinas. He is a passionate photographer with a background in physical art that makes it easier for him to understand the significance of each movement dancers makes. Robles work with multiple dancers, having them dancing on the sidewalk and other places where pedestrians would normally walk. His portraits create such an unusual view on these streets that we walk by every day. The movements of those ballerinas are so emphasized as Robles time his pictures carefully.

Everyone that takes part in the project has trained hard for their body to as flexible and elegant as they are today. As these pictures portray the very limit human beings can reach and still be graceful while doing it, Robles explore the street, the alleyways, front of different shops and various seemingly insignificant parts of the city. Robles successfully conveyed the message he wanted: to defy the strict rules the world has made with women stretching their legs up high while people only walk pass them and stare in amazement, for example.

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Special appearance by the legendary Bill Cunningham in the background.