Woman Lost Her BF One Year Ago But Still Posts Photos Of Them Together On Instagram

Theirs is a sad love story. Chinese Filipina model Nam Floresca and his boyfriend Franco Hernandez, Member of a Filipino dance group were young and deeply in love. Theirs was a nauseating yet cute love one that perfectly depicts telenovela. This was until there was a fatal accident in the Philippines in November 2017. Janica lost the love of her life after strong waves forced them off their boat.

Neither knew how to swim. Janica clung onto the boatman while Franco held onto her. A strong wave, unfortunately, tore him off her and b the time they were rescued, he was unconscious.

Franco was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital just 26 years of age. A year down since the life-altering event, Janica’s heart still smothers with love for Franco. She regularly posts photos of them together and it isn’t hard to see that theirs was true love.

Her longing is apparent as she spills her heart out in her posts, which are filled with both longing and thanksgiving.

She also shares all the special moments that were dear to both of them through snapshots of happy memories together.

Though her favourite person has passed, her Instagram shows how she still keeps in touch with Franco’s family and regularly visits his grave.