Girl Who Asked A Stranger To Switch Seats On A Plane And Accidentally Changed Her Destiny

We all have had a crush on someone random be and it can happen anywhere. And have you ever imagined that a simple seat swap can turn into something really romantic? Neither did I! But luckily it did for two people. Rosey Blair, the popular actress was traveling with her boyfriend but unfortunately didn't get the seats beside each other. So she asked a woman to switch seat with her so she can sit together with her boyfriend. 

The girl agreed and Blair jokingly told her boyfriend, ‘I hope she meets the love of her life.’ And you won't believe what happened next! A few moments later, a handsome man came and sat beside the woman. They both started talking to each other and things escalated quietly between them. Rosey Blair was live- tweeting the entire story and everything going between the two of them. Her tweets went viral in no time and more than 545k people liked it and over 220k retweeted it. Later the man was identified to be former soccer pro Euan Holden and he was cool with the story going public. Now, this can mean something and we are happy for them!

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