11 Astonishing Houses Safely Hidden From Sight

Everyone needs a break once in a while to a place where we are alone where nothing breaks the silence except the surf of the rustling leaves. Well, those moments should not necessarily remain in your closed eyes; we have suggestions of places to enjoy a minute or two of solitude.

These delightfully crafted houses are safely hidden from the public’s glare and the architecture is tasteful.

#11. Dugout house in Texas, USA

bcarc -Via

Embedded 6.5 feet (2 m) in the ground, this house looks like a simple dugout from the outside. Inside, however, it has everything for a comfortable life, even a small pool in the backyard.

#10. Bungalow under pine trees in British Columbia, Canada

patkau -Via

Unusual planning and green moss on the roof help this house completely merge into the landscape.

#9. Houses on top of a shopping mall in Hunan, China

chinajtzy -Via

This shopping mall with houses on its roof is located in a city of 4 million people with little free space. That’s why architectural solutions here are sometimes a bit nonstandard. 

#8.Canyion mansion in Utah, USA

utahcliffhouse -Via

This house was built in 1986 by a married couple whose dream was to live in a quiet place.

#7 Villa vals, switzerland

villavals -Via

The reason behind the idea of an underground villa was a local law: the authorities forbade erecting a high building since that would spoil the landscape. That’s why the architect decided to build a house in a cave.