20+ Valentine’s Day Cards For Couples Who Hate Cheesy Love Crap

It is closing into that day of the year where singles are making their biggest moves ever and couples make the most beautiful memory ever. The singles who end up... singles still will probably not be able to enjoy the jokes of Valentine's Day cards we are showing, but please do enjoy them still. They may serve as your, um, backup plan if you are not sure how to court the girl next time without being too cheesy about it.

As for couples who hate the typical Valentine's Day lines, you might be looking for something different. Something that really represents your attitude, something that is really refreshing and leaves an impression on your significant other. It's not about the diamond rings or the thousand dollars vacation. It's really about just spending some time on the couch doing nothing together, staying together through thick and think of accidental farts, and loving each other only twice a year: when it's Valentine's Day and when it's not.


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