Doctor Reveals Why He Checks Dead Patients Facebook Before Notifying Their Parents

One of the worst things you can ever experience in life is the death of your loved one. But what we fail to notice is that notifying the parents and family members of the deceived is emotionally taxing for doctors too. After all, they are the first one to see the sadness and suffering of the families of the dead one but still have to remain professional and calm. 

Recently, an emergency physician Louis M. Profeta, at St. Vincent Hospital in Indianapolis, shared a heart touching and sad story about breaking the news to the parent that their child is no more or didn’t make it. He wrote a heartbreaking open letter to explain how they feel and why he checks the Facebook before informing the parent about their child. And his letter is surely going to make you cry.

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A doctor explained why he always checks the Facebook of his patients who didn't make it before informing their parents

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He shared why he feels that it's his duty to “learn a little bit” about his former patients before breaking the news to their family especially parents in a heartbreaking open letter

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