Racing Fan Caught Drinking From Secret Binocular Flask Went Viral

A punter at Cheltenham has been caught on camera taking a hearty swig from a flask concealed inside a pair of binoculars. The cheeky racegoer was at the New Year's Day Racing when she was spotted by ITV cameras taking a quick refreshment break. As the punter lifts the binoculars towards her face, she stealthily tips the flask into her mouth instead.

Her stroke of innovation was seemingly able to avoid security at the West Country track, but not the cameras - much to the delight of people on Twitter. The flask, which is hidden inside the right lens of the binoculars, provided the race fan with the perfect cover to drink the liquid.

The re-designed binoculars are on sale for £15.99 on eBay, allowing chancers to hide in plain sight with their beverage.

The punter takes a quick glance around before she discreetly lifts the binoculars up to her face

She then stealthily tips the flask full of liquid into her mouth much to the delight of social media

A similar tactic was tested at last year's Russian World Cup when Colombian fans snuck in their own binocular flask.

After images were shown of the three fans pouring drinks out of the binoculars, they were publicly lambasted by Colombia's foreign office for their behaviour.

For one of the fans, the stunt resulted in losing his job as as regional manager at an aviation cargo firm.

If you want to follow in this mysterious girl’s footsteps and save yourself some money while you’re at it, then I have just the news for you.

Amazon are selling the genius inventions right now for as little as £11, and they can hold more than 450ml – that’s more than two and a half glasses of wine!

And the possibilities are endless – festivals, the races, picnics… You name it, the binoculars can go with you anywhere. If you think about how much money it’ll save you in the long-run, I think we’re on to a winner.

Amazon -Via

Well, there you have it. The greatest invention to come out of 2019 (so far). I’ll be honest, it’s going to take some beating for me.

Now if you’ll just excuse me while I do some online shopping on Amazon…