Artist Turns Real Seashells Into Beautiful Jewellery Dishes That Look Like Long Lost Treasure

You would have never guessed that Mary Kenyon used real seashells to make her art. You can look through the jewelry dishes below and thought that they were professionally made with fake shells. But these are real seashells that you can find on the beach and Mary sure as hell did a great job in making you think they were fake.

Mary is the daughter to a professional oil-painter and the blood of an artist runs through her vein. She uses real seashells to pour out her inspiration and create something that is so different. And she is probably the only one in the world doing this. She carefully chooses the picture that she wants to be imprinted on the shell and decoupage them. She then paints details with brass or Swarovski rhinestones to give them an antique and Victorian look.

There you go, a 1800s jewelry dish made in the 21st century.

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