25+ Times Libraries Surprised Everyone With Their Sense Of Humour And Creativity

A library is a place that is mainly filled with shelves crowded with books of various subjects and topics. A library is also generally quiet with people mainly sitting, reading, browsing on the computers provided or people walking to find a book. It can sound like a boring place, but we know better: the library is heaven filled with a thousand stories that only requires eyes and imagination to be brought alive. And some libraries took to a new level to make it more realistic and ideal!

This collection of pictures from everyday libraries that have been spiced up with funny and creative twists from the hilarious librarians who run them.

Sometimes, we hate it when our phone rings and it's an important phone call to take. But to run outside just to pick it up is too much of a hassle. So, there you go, the Cone of Silence for anyone who needs to take a phone call or just a quick scream from finding your favorite book in there.

#1 This Is Dina. She Volunteers At Our Local Library As A Reading Dog. Kids With Difficulties Read For Her And She Does Not Judge

wabudo -Via

#2 This Entrance To The Kids Section At Our Local Library

WeebishPanda -Via

#3 This Library Has A Directory For Topics People Might Be Embarrassed To Ask For

whenitrainsitStorms -Via

#4 Blind Dates Prevent You From Judging A Book By Its Cover

andromedat -Via

#5 My Local Library Has Bee Hive In The Kids Section, With A Tube That Leads To The Outside

sauer_kussen -Via

#6 This Library Tells You How Much Money You’ve Saved By Using The Library

nc130295 -Via

#7 My School's Library Has Noise-Level Guides That Change Colour When It Gets Too Loud

Blackborealis -Via

#8 Every Year My School's Librarian Dresses Up As A Book Reaper To Collect Overdue Books

slottydoesntknow -Via

#9 My Local Library Has Dozens Of Different Cake Pans To Check Out

flannelpancakes -Via

#10 This Library Knows How To Motivate Children

TheDarkIsMyLight -Via